sábado, 11 de fevereiro de 2012

Um apelo vindo da Grécia



The masks have completely fallen… IMF, EU officials and “our” government (the non-elected, ex-banker new prime minister with his 3 political allies, main responsible for this crisis & ruling for the last 40 years) has decided yesterday for a 3rd even harder, more destructive package of austerity measures which will turn Greece to the country it was just after the 2nd World War…

The new salaries after this agreement will reach around 350 euros in a country with an increased living cost (and one among the countries with the highest food, fuel, services prices)… The cuts in the last 2 years have reached more than 50% of the average salary income, while Greek banks are getting millions of euros and big corporations are paying ever less taxes… Debt, on the other hand is getting ever bigger as the economy is paralyzed… A dead-end policy…

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